Automated DOOH Proof-of-Posting System.

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

🇺🇸 In an industry where the commercialization of ad spaces for OOH and DOOH through automated platforms (like marketplaces, programmatic, among others) in increasing, transparency is extremely important.

Due to the velocity those transactions are, it is impossible to send people to take photos or video recordings of what is being exhibit, edit them and make Proof o Posting Reports. On the other hand, the play log reports are very useful but in they lack on the visual impact of what an image can have on the advertiser.

ViiA Cheking - Dashboard

As a solution we have developed an efficient Proof of Posting System of 100% automated photos and videos, trusting, fast and especially without any human intervention, what makes it more transparent!

ViiA Checking, was designed to be integrated with different CMS, through our APIs. From it is possible to record/ take pictures from each advertising being played at every Digital Signage Screen.

ViiA Cheking - Filter

How does it work?

ViiA Checking is installed in the PC of the Digital Signage Device, reading the playlist in real time. You define the best hour for ViiA to take the reports. As soon as the picture/video is taken, ViiA Checking will edit and make the reports in PDF of PPT.

ViiA Cheking - Video Preview

What if an ad starts playing after the PoP schedule time?

ViiA Checking analyze the playlist in real time and when identifies a new content, whatever the time or schedule is, will record its first reproduction making easy the reports in programmatic.

ViiA Checking - PDF PoP Report (automated)

Right after each exhibit is taken, the picture/video is sent to our database where will be labeled and set into different type of reports and formats to be sent to your clients.

All of these features are also available in our mobile apps, allowing you to share easily all the information with your advertisers through email, SMS, WhatsApp.

Get in touch with our team and discover how INVIAN is help major players in the OOH/DOOH industry making the process more transparent and efficient.

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