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We introduce ViiA Health, a Smart Monitoring System for PC's specially designed and Developed for the OOH/DOOH industry.

ViiA Health monitors the complete operation of your PC and intelligently react to each type of incident it detects.


In addition to monitoring PC operation, ViiA Health monitors all applications that MUST BE RUNNING (CMS Player, Firewall, Audience Software) and NOT BE RUNNING
(Web Browsers, Remote Access) on your system.


If ViiA Health detects that an application listed on your "BLACKlist" or “WHITElist” has Started or Closed, it automatically reacts by creating an incident, notifying your staff, taking a screenshot of your desktop, and ending or starting the application.


A system designed to ensure the running of your applications, maintain security and generate notifications so your company can react quickly to a failure in their systems.

Forget the Big Network Operation Centers (NOC)

ViiA Health notifies your team when is actually necessary

Network Overview

PC Status, Remote Commands and Incident Report

Mobile Remote Control and Incident Notifications

White List
Black List
Remote Orders

Integrations Ready!

Integrate ViiA Health APIs into your CMS Player, Mobile Applications, Monitoring System, NOC, Maps and more...

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