ViiA Manager, the definitive ALL-IN-ONE Platform for managing and monitoring #OOH | #DOOH elements.

ViiA Health


ViiA Health, is a Smart PC/Player Monitoring System specially designed

and developed for the OOH/DOOH industry.


ViiA Health monitors the complete operation of your PCs/Players and intelligently reacts to each type of incident it detects.


In addition to monitoring the functioning of the PC/Player, ViiA Health monitors all applications (software) that are (or not)  running in your system, and if it detects that an application has started but this one it’s on the "black-list" immediately reacts to this, generating an incident, notifying your team, and closing this "unwanted" application. 

The same way that it monitors the applications that must be always running in your system, "white-list" (CMS, Led Screen Brightness  Control, Fire Wall, etc...). 

If ViiA Health detects that any of the applications (software) stops working, immediately starts it and notifies your team about what has happened so that they can evaluate and make a diagnostic.


ViiA Health monitors operating hours, internet connection, available disk space, RAM usage, CPU usage, among other  functions. You can start remote commands from ANYWHERE like rebooting the PC, deleting files, installing any software (bulk), closing or starting applications (software),

get screen shots from your desktop, and other commands that can be added according to every need of our customers.


Control everything from our Dashboard and mobile applications (android and iOS), without the need to access any other applications.  


With ViiA Health you can leave remote desktop controller applications closed like Teamviewer, Anydesk, etc, (increasing the PC / Player security). You can start any remote desktop controller applications through our Dashboard, do the necessary work, and close it again.


Beyond monitoring, ViiA Health allows your company access to your inventory, get failures diagnostics, replacements, know the equipment that may cause problems, etc.

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